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Want the best pipe on the market?


If you said YES, then look no further. Our Ground Pounder not only looks and sounds mean but it is the best performing pipe on the market for any model of the VRod family.


  • We designed the pipe to produce great numbers to the rear wheel and we’ve never seen anyone loose power with one of our systems.
  • All of our systems come ceramic coated in brilliant silver or classic black.
  • All of our exhaust systems have 18mm O2 sensor bungs welded into each head pipe.
  • O2 plugs or 18-12mm adapters are available for an additional cost, contact us for more information.
  • The pipes are manufactured to the highest degree of true American craftsmanship.
  • The material, bends, welds, and coating are top notch.
  • Made from US mild steel, each pipe also contains a stainless steel cone baffle that is welded into place in the collector. This helps with sound and back pressure, which is needed to tune the pipe properly.
  • No packing material to repack every 2-3 years; just ride and enjoy!
  • We have over 50 years experience in the precision machining and tool & die industry.


  • If you are planning on retaining the 12mm O2 Oxygen Sensors on your 2012-2017 VRSC/ VRod you will need to purchase the O2 Sensor Bung Adapters which are located in our SHOP.
  • Refund and Warranty Policy

    • Refunds are given as long as you have not mounted the exhaust.
    • A full refunds will be given once exhaust is received and inspected.


    • Warranty of 3 months on ceramic coating. Negligence due to mis-use or inproper tuning will result in a VOIDED warranty.
    • We HIGHLY recommend not Heat Wrapping your exhaust it will VOID all warranties.
    • Warranty of 12 months for all welds. Negligence due to abuse or acident will VOID warranty.
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