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This 2nd Gear upgrade is all business no messing around. Your first ride on your VRod after this replacement and once you hit 2nd will feel the difference!


Factory set is a helical gear which is good for noise reduction but not very durable our gear set is straight cut which is much stronger and can take the pounding you will put it through on the street or track.


We sell them lose and you install them...or send us your transmission and we'll install it for you (add on option)

  • Return and Refund Policy

    • Returns are expected and full refunds are given as long as the item or items have not been used or installed in any shape and or form.
    • Partial refunds maybe given for used or installed items but you will need to communicate with Fitzgerald Motorsports before sending any items back to Greenville, Ohio. Buyer pays shipping back.
    • Fitzgerald Motorsports reserves the right to deny any refund of any nature at any time.
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